Industrial Metal Spraying is the leader in their respective field when it comes to the latest electrostatic thermosetting powder chemical coating applications for both new metal products and existing product refinishing.

Our expertise in electrostatic chemical thermosetting powder coating comes from a total of over thirty five years in history. From the beginning research and development has been at the forefront of our business, solving unique coating applications for some of worlds largest manufacturers and corporations.

One reason research and development demands such a large commitment is because Industrial Metal Spraying specialize exclusively in electrostatic thermosetting powder and electrostatic thermosetting chemical coating applications only. We're not product manufactures who beside from finishing their own parts, contract outside coating business to supplement their paint lines. Our reputation and continuing history is predicated strictly on the highest quality, workmanship, and service, we can provide for you our valued customers.

If your firm has a specialized production that needs to be developed through to finished product please do not hesitate to contact us so that we may put you in touch with one of our in house clients who can perhaps assist your firm in getting it on it's way.

Industrial Metal Spraying can produce all the finishes, colors, and textures as well as custom coatings that are available in today's complex and intricate world of electrostatically applied thermosetting chemical coatings.

Please contact us today so our representatives can help your firrn with all of it's finishing and refinishing needs.

Sincerely Yours,
Industrial Metal Spraying,

Stan Kotler


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