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Industrial Metal Spraying has been in business for forty years catering to some of Florida's larger aluminum extruders, aluminum window, door and railing companies, ornamental metal companies and electronic equipment companies.

IMS also accepts contract work for all types of aluminum configurations requiring a painted and/or powder coating surface of extraordinary quality and durability.

Each metal piece brought into IMS is hung on our overhead conveyor system and processed to assure uniform quality throughout each job. All metals undergo eight distinct and important steps in processing.



Industrial Metal Spraying has the most up to date conveyorized four stage pretreatment washer system in the architectural aluminum painting industry, for metal treatment (one cleaning stage, two rinse stages and finally the chemical conversion coating.

*This process removes all the guess work or operator error and insures proper paint and/or powder bonding properties, as well as excellent underfilm corrosion protection at all times.

*This treatment process functions as a conditioning of the metal to enhance bonding of paint to metal, thus preventing chipping or peeling caused by corrosion, improving life and appearance of the finished product.



Industrial Metal Spraying features four spacious spray booths where metals are painted exclusively with electrostatic guns which apply the paint and/or powder to any intricate extrusion pattern or curvature in an even and smooth manner. The types of finishing materials used plus the method of application eliminate the problem of chipping, cracking or flaking which is common to many painted surfaces of a complicated shape.



Industrial Metal Spraying has two gas-fired tunnel ovens which accommodate metal parts up to 24 feet in length. One oven is designed for drying off the items after they exit the washer stages. The second oven is designed for heat curing paint and/or powder items after they exit the spray booths. Subjected to a temperature of 375 F the paint and/or powder is now completely bonded to the metal and retains a superior finish that will last for many years to come. A high degree of quality control is maintained throughout each process.

IMS is proud to have the longest oven in FLORIDA, 133 ft. long, enabling us to take product 24 ft. long X 6 ft. high X 36 in. wide.

IMS Research and Development

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